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*Please only make your selection when you are ready. Due to the limited space in each program we can not offer refunds once you have made your purchase. If you choose to not attend for any reason you will not be given a refund. We ask families to be honest and ethical and understand that once you have chosen to attend we are relying on that income to feed our family of both people and critters and we have turned away other students that would have taken your spot. If you are unsure about attending please make your other scheduling arrangements first before scheduling with us. In extreme circumstances related to hospitalization you may be eligible for a partial refund minus $160 deposit if another student is able to register for the spot you have reserved, and we have reached the capacity of 12 students. If no other student fills your spot you are responsible for the full tuition.

We do not tolerate bullying in our programs, this includes bullying by parents towards our staff.

We encourage kids to work out differences during camp and only involve parents when a child or children are unwilling to work out these differencs and continue to be beligerant towards our staff or other children. If your child is asked to leave camp due to a behavioural issue we do not offer a refund of any kind.

We do not tolerate Parents that bully our staff. If you make threats to our staff in any way. If you threaten to slander us on social media or make an attempt in any way to intimidate our teachers to get your way you will be asked to leave and your child will need to leave with you. You will not be given a refund of any kind.

COVID updated policy: Due to the recent approval and recommendation that ages 6 month and older get vaccinated many school districts are no longer requiring schools to close when there is a positive covid test. We are following the same recommendations. Unless your child is showing symptoms of illness there is no reason to test. If they are showing symptoms and test positive we ask that you keep your child home. We will notify camp parents of the exposure and leave camp attendence for the remainging students up to the discretion of the parents. Mardena and I are not concerned about exposure to ourselves. As educators we have been teaching during the entire covid situation taking precautions when neccessary. If you are concerned about your child and exposure we recommend you keep your child home. We are unable to offer refunds for unattended camp dates at this time.

** We do not refund processing fees for any reason. Processing fees average between $15-$30 depending on the number of students in the registration.

** We are unable to refund processing fees that are a result of an error made by the registering party. If some one else is supposed to pay for your session with us please check with them before you choose to pay. If we recieve 2 payments for the same student we will refund the second payee/payment minus the credit card processing fees. Processing fees include our staffs time addressing why we have to refund a payment in addtion to any fees that Paypal retains for your transaction.


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Located next to the Fair Grounds in Palmer.

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